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Monday, December 11, 2006

SIN CITY-s third birthday!

On December 8th we had another drum'n'bass party in Tartu, Club Tallinn - Sin City's third birthday, in fact. Along with residents Mander and S.I.N, UK artists Matrix, Futurebound and MC Darrison headlined. Because of some pre-gig difficulties, the main acts arrived some time after 2am and played until the end. Their sets were blasting, but many people from the crowd would have preferred their sets to have been seperate, as opposed to the back-to-back session that was needed due to the lack of time left.

What were these problems, you ask? Well, they had to wait to be picked up from Riga Airport for 1.5 hours and when they finally hit the road they ran out of gas! After that, police stopped them for speeding. And to top it all, someone apparently stole Futurebound's camera and passport, so he had to stay here for another few days. Lucky for him we have plenty of beautiful girls living here so he enjoyed it hardcore! Godspeed, mate!

Pictures from the party:


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

how's it hangin' ?

First post. Testing!